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We believe that together, fitness and community have the power to transform lives. We are here to help you design a plan to achieve your goals and keep you accountable along the way.



Becoming a Progressive member means more than joining a premier gym with an awesome community – it means joining a movement. That’s because every membership provides an opportunity for FOUR individuals to join The Phoenix: a nonprofit that offers a supportive community and active environment for individuals in recovery from substance use disorder and those who choose a sober life. Using a peer support model, the Phoenix has helped more than 26,000 people heal and rebuild their lives while simultaneously helping reduce the stigma around recovery.

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“I have been an active person my whole life and joined crossfit in 2010. Over the years, crossfit has been an emotional outlet for me, challenging me both mentally and physically.

Progressive Fitness is a fun, positive environment. The trainers are knowledgeable, focused, and it is obvious that they are invested in each of their members. No matter your level or ability, the coaches are supportive and help contribute to your individual and overall goals.

They are mindful of safety; they breakdown all movements and discuss scaling options. You won’t be thrown into any movement that you’re not built and ready for. There is an overall emphasis on health and you are encouraged to be your best version. Thanks to the trainers, I was able to continue crossfit through my entire first pregnancy…talk about scaling!

While this all sounds positive and amazing, just remember, you will be pushed. You will be pushed past your normal comfort zone and they will find optimal ways to challenge you. Come prepared emotionally and you will walk out feeling better than you did going in.”

Jaime Stephenson

“PFCF inspires! The coaching staff are among the best people I know. They are all very personable and accept you into the community immediately, fostering an atmosphere that is conducive to pursuing your individual fitness goals. They are very competent trainers who are committed to delivering value to anyone walking in the door, regardless of experience or physical limitations. PFCF emphasizes movement standards and is focused on helping members move efficiently AND safely. They motivate every step of the way and challenge you to be better not only at the gym, but also through your own personal endeavors. If you’re looking for an opportunity to surround yourself with positive influences in your fitness journey, I have no doubt that PFCF can be that outlet for you, as it has been for me.”


“I chose Progressive Fitness CrossFit more than five years ago for location and convenience. I had no idea at the time how fortunate that choice would be. The gym may say CrossFit, but what Chris and Beth Hoppe really teach every day is hope: Hope that your body can become stronger, hope that your spirit can be healed, and hope that everyone who walks through their door will become a connected member of their community.”

Amy Edwards

“The CrossFit community at PFCF is absolutely amazing! When I first came to PFCF, I had very limited exposure to what Crossfit was and was a little intimidated by the workouts. The coaches and community have been extremely supportive and welcoming in improving yourself both physically and mentally. I really appreciate that the coaches at PFCF help make sure that everyone achieves the same stimulus for a workout, with proper form, no matter what ability level you are at. I have made dramatic leaps over the last year that I have been coming to PFCF and its all thanks to the coaches and community of athletes! I look at each WOD now and know what will be fun and what will be challenging, but I know that there is always a supportive group of coaches and athletes there to help get you through the tough days and help make the fun days more fun!”

Mike Merrion

“Seven years ago i drove by the PFCF gym and was interested in what they had to offer because I needed something different in my life regarding my regular workout routine. Instantly i was hooked because the other athletes at PFCF were doing things that I never thought I could imagine myself doing as a “middle aged” woman. The PFCF community kept me motivated and encouraged to continue to challenge myself. Before PFCF, I considered myself as a runner that went to they gym to do upper body routines on the side. Now, I feel that I more well rounded “athlete” that runs faster, and can lift heavy weights and jump on tall boxes and do PULL UPS. I will continue to be a member at PFCF because I receive great support from its members and its coaching staff.”

Tracy Jones Kinsley


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